Closer to Home © Cláudia Fisher
Closer to Home © Cláudia Fisher

Raum:A fully digital reinvention of artistic residencies

ScopeStrategy, UI / UX & Development
ClientTerceiro Direito Associação Cultural

Raum is an online digital exhibition space where some of the most influential contemporary artists and curators in Portugal have been exhibiting digital-only art pieces since October 2014.

Room to explore

“Raum” means “room” and proposes an exciting new approach to artistic residencies. Every two months, our team meets new curators and artists to design and develop an interactive experience together.

Presentation at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. © Mário Martins
Talk with Sandra Vieira Jürgens and Marco Martins

Code and Interaction experimentations

Every new addition to Raum is an invitation to try out something new and singular. The project is an invitation for us to experiment with new technologies, media, text and layout. We are always looking for ways to challenge user expectations and their sense of time. It's also a playground to test ways to build storytelling and question navigation patterns.

A transparent visual identity

We wanted the logo and communication materials to be neutral enough so that the artists own visual work could be the main focus. At the same time we looked for personality and boldness that could stick to peoples’ minds. That’s where the big, hollow titles and the clear, memorable typeface come from.

In April 2015, Sandra Vieira Jürgens, the main curator of the project, invited us to contribute. We created “Variations on Strings”, an intriguing quote generator, that randomly combines fragments of texts about cinema, the interpretation of dreams and “Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions”, the Edwin Abbott's renowned classic.

Other Projects

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