SwapointNo collection shall be left unfinished

ScopeStrategy, UI / UX, Development & Product

When we were kids, sticker collections were hugely popular. All kids were doing them, but finishing a collection was not so easy. We see technology as a way to create change and address peoples’ problems and ambitions.

Swapoint is a fun brand that values simplicity and openness. The colourful screens draw inspiration from the bright graphics of sticker collections.

Today, the platform is home for tens of thousands of collectors worldwide, who can finally find that missing piece and look proudly at another finished collection.

Swapoint was designed to take the pain out of sorting through endless collection lists, allowing collectors to find who has exactly what they need, and who are looking for something that you have.

Swapoint works as a tool to organize your collections and automatically find possible trades. We created a decentralised database and a powerful algorithm that cross-references millions of potential trades to find the most suitable one by analysing distance, user rating and number of possible swaps.

From a long period, the user interface has suffered a few iterations until it became so simple to use that even new users could understand fast enough how to perform complex actions, like adding repeat items or offering a swap suggestion to another user.

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