A Ginjinha EspinheiraReinventing a two century tradition

ScopeStrategy, Visual Identity, UI/UX, Development & E-commerce
ClientA Ginjinha Espinheira

For two centuries, Ginjinha Espinheira has been bringing the most genuine sour cherry liquor to the lips of locals and tourists alike. Their name and small shop in Lisbon's city center are synonyms to quality and tradition. It’s possible to enjoy a small glass of Ginjinha at the counter of their shop, or get a bottle from some supermarkets across the country.

Although the brand is famous as one of the classic Lisbon's "ginjinha" places, the name makes confusing brands easy. There are other brands yelling "Ginjinha" right around the corner, which poses a brand strategy challenge, as more businesses are popping up every month. The business is booming on location, but the brand was waiting to tap into online commerce and social media. Finding the right angle and positioning for the brand online could be the key to access a huge new audience. 

We teamed up with the owners to learn about the brand's past, digging up pamphlets and other historical relics. We designed a full brand refresh and visual identity guidelines that brought the brand's legacy to a modern audience. We built a website with a contemporary design, using interactive 3D elements and unconventional layouts. This approach positions Ginjinha as a contemporary and relevant liquor brand in the eyes of its audience.

We created a custom shopping experience that made sense for a small product catalogue consisting of bottled liquor . The website drives the visitors to the product page with a few configuration options: a bottle with sour cherry fruits, or without them?

Combined with a social media strategy, the website received many visitors and is consistently growing its sales. Since the website's launch, hundreds of clients in Portugal and outside have been enjoying the taste of Ginjinha.

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