Historic Shops of LisbonDiscovering the rich culture 
of traditional commerce

ScopeStrategy, UI/UX & Development
ClientCâmara Municipal de Lisboa

In recent times, tradicional shops are disappearing at a fast pace. Historic Shops Lisbon is a program to protect and promote these historical places that play an important role in the city’s life and soul. We joined a mixed team of architects, urbanists, investigators and designers to work on the digital strategy that would lead to the development of a website.

Conserveira de Lisboa © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto
Manteigaria Silva © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto
Casa Forra © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto
Manuel Tavares © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto
Ginjinha sem Rival © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto

When conceiving the website, we thought first of all to surprise the visitors by showing the beauty of these unique places. The visitor can discover almost 100 shops, with photographs and videos of their interiors, people and long-lost tools. After this initial engagement, we created a rich and fluid navigation between a city map, a directory and an book-like page.

Get to know
 each Shop

The platform allows visitors to search for specific products and find useful information to help them rediscover the city's shops.

During an 8 month project, we defined user flows, information architecture, wireframes and prototypes, followed by a full integration on a custom CMS.

Barbearia Campos © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto
Confeitaria Nacional © Miguel Saavedra & Luís Aniceto

Identity Art Direction by Isabel Lopes de Castro and Identity design by Guilherme Sousa and Maria Manuel Dominguez. Photography by Miguel Saavedra and Luís Aniceto. Films by Videolotion.

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