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ScopeUI / UX & Development
ClientRitz Four Seasons

The Hotel Ritz Four Seasons in Lisbon is one of the most iconic hotels in the city. Its history, distinct architecture and important artwork in the halls turns the 5 star hotel into a true landmark. Ritz has maintained a curated city guide, that highlights the most prestigious restaurants, shops, bars and sights. This guide has contributed with valuable insights for thousands of tourists, agencies and the press.

“We keep a lookout for all the up and coming Lisbon spots so you don't have to”

The guide lived for many years in the form of a blog, resulting in a long history of content in a structure that was not scalable. That means the content accessibility and categorisation were becoming a real problem. We followed a user-centred design approach, starting with research into the target audience to establish personas.

With that information, we followed with the creation of a user flow, a sitemap and wireframes design. At the same time, we worked on the art-direction and first sketches.

The art-direction serves the high expectations of Ritz’s public. It inspires quality, attention to detail, in an approachable, mobile-first manner. We combined an elegant contrasting serif font with a readable and modern text font. The use of high quality photography and a seamless navigation with no page loads is a perfect extension of the hotel's unique experience.

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