DimscaleCost management 
made simple

ScopeBranding, Graphic Design & Development

Dimscale is an industry leader in the architecture world. They offer highly accurate cost analysis services, so that construction budgets don’t go wrong. The company contacted the us to rethink its brand and communication. Their services being highly specialised were difficult to explain to a broad audience.

A visual metric

We’ve developed a graphic system that would highlight the rational, systematic nature of Dimscale’s activity. This system expands to geometric illustrations and animations that represent the different services the company offers.

Neutral white and gray contrasts with an electric green inspired by CAD softwares visuals to reinforce the connection with the architectural design process.

Dimscale also had a big legacy of presentations, brochures, stationary and a website that needed a redesign with stable guidelines.

Enhanced digital strategy

Dimscale always thrived for a strong digital presence and communication, but the old website was not up to the ambition. A totally redesigned website and navigation experience was delivered, creating an engaging introduction to the company’s processes and methods.

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