PARTE - Portugal Art EncountersInternationalization of Contemporary Art in Portugal

ScopeStrategy, Branding, Graphic Design, UI/UX & Development
ClientPARTE - Portugal Art Encounters

We were approached by Portugal Art Encounters (PARTE) to create a comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity for their annual program. PARTE is an initiative that aims to promote the internationalisation of contemporary art in Portugal. The program consists of two circuits that culminate in an international event and publication launch. Our task was to create a brand that effectively communicates PARTE's values and aspirations while also resonating with its target audience.

We ran a series of workshops with PARTE’s founding team, did market and visual research that served as the foundation for a bold brand strategy. Our challenge was to create a visual identity that was both bold, appealing to art enthusiasts, and open to represent all the Portuguese art institutions and artists.

Our approach was to create a bold and distinctive visual system with a logo design, and visual guidelines that would capture the essence of PARTE's mission. We developed a brand strategy that focused on the program's goal of promoting the internationalization of contemporary art in Portugal. The visual identity we created for PARTE plays with a strong typographic system, mesmerising motion and stark contrast.

Next.js and Headless CMS

We developed a website using a headless CMS and React JS that allowed for scalability and performance, ensuring that the website was responsive and mobile-friendly. The website's design was modern and visually appealing, with clear calls to action that encouraged visitors to explore the program further.

PARTE Summit and PARTE Book

We designed the communication for two separate events with artist talks and a book launch. The book contains a thorough guide of all the contemporary arts community in Portugal.

Our work on PARTE's brand strategy and visual identity has been well received, with the program gaining significant traction both nationally and internationally. The website has been instrumental in promoting PARTE and increasing its visibility, and we have received positive feedback from users on its ease of use and responsive design. The program's success has also led to increased sponsorship and support, enabling PARTE to continue to promote contemporary art in Portugal and cement its reputation as a leading art destination.

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