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ScopeUI/UX & Development
ClientEdenred Portugal

Edenred Portugal is part of a world leader group in employer benefits, with a strong worldwide presence. After 30 years thriving in a paper-based business, they started a total rework the company’s digital presence. Edenred’s digital marketing team had an ambitious objective to turn the company’s website into a powerful tool to attract more clients.

Photo © André Dias Nobre

We joined our friends at Van — Digital Marketing to design the full costumer experience, working during a 6 month period on costumer journeys, wireframes, prototypes, user tests, and visual guidelines. We had to design an experience for three visitor profiles: business owners, partner companies and the employers, all with different needs.

The website’s development was based on performance and flexibility. The contents had to be lightweight and all code optimised for fast loading times and good search engine indexing. We made a powerful back-office system offers a custom modular constructor that gives the administrator the power to create different page layouts, with tailored modular components.

Double the website’s leads 
in six months

Our follow-up during the next months saw an impressive growth in terms of website traffic and lead generation. This was achieved by refining the costumer journey, improving the user interface and refining copy. New functionalities and implementations are continuously being built, to grow the website.

The overall approach to design is focused on allowing a smooth experience on every device, desktop or mobile. For the client, this means comfort, accessibility and reliability, anywhere they need to connect to Edenred online.

Digital Strategy in collaboration with Van - Marketing Digital and Edenred.

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