Netos de Gungunhana, Teatro o Bando © José Frade
Netos de Gungunhana, Teatro o Bando © José Frade

Teatro São LuizA theatre of the city and for the city, of everyone and for everyone.

ScopeUI/UX, Design & Development
ClientSão Luiz Teatro Municipal

S. Luiz Theatre is has 125 years of history and it's one of the essential places in the cultural life of Lisbon. It was the first Cinema with sound in Portugal and its Italian style venue has been the stage for plays, music, dance, stand-up comedy, talks and discussions. Today it is both a motor for new artist productions and a platform for established artists with high visibility. The diverse programme attracts a diverse audience, from the general public to the arts and experimental music public.

2018-2019 Season Opening Event. Photo: Estelle Valente
2018-2019 Season Opening Event. Photo: Estelle Valente
Limbo, Sara Carinhas. Photo: Azuky

A full season in a few swipes

S. Luiz needed a powerful, highly accessible website to promote its programme. We worked with the team for months, reframing the previous website’s structure and designing the user experience for a new one.

Because S. Luiz presents the full season programme in the beginning of each season, there are always a lot of future events to show to the visitors. To help the user use the programme, we came up with a calendar based navigation that works as an agenda. We designed and developed with two different experiences for computer screens and mobile phones. This user-centred approach offers the visitor the best website experience on every device.

To expand the theatre's existing visual identity, we used bold typography for titles and interaction elements, paired with a classic typeface for long texts. This contrasts the modern approach to artistic creation with the respect for the classic theatre.

Visuals & Photos

Photography is the a key element in the communication. It reveals the close and intimate portraits of actors, rehearsals and the plays.

A theatre for everyone means communication for everyone

One of the roles of the theatre is to bring art to all the people. Every show has special sessions to address all needs. There are relaxed sessions for little children, sessions with audio-description and sign language. The website is as accessible as the programme itself. By referring to the best HTML5 standards and a series of other techniques, users with disabilities can experience the website. The website has a AAA score for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), meaning it’s fully accessible.

Jângal, Teatro Praga. Photo: Estelle Valente

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