Wrong Wrong MagazineA mutant platform for research and artistic creation

ScopeStrategy, Branding, Graphic Design & Development
ClientTerceiro Direito

We were commissioned to take part in the creation of a new online magazine dedicated to research and diffusion of contemporary arts. Every two months comes a new edition of the magazine, with its own theme. For every edition, the magazine's editors invite contributors to produce small essays, poetry, short videos, collage, sound design, among other forms.

Rongwrong Issue 1, 1917 © Succession Marcel Duchamp, ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris

Embracing mistake

Sandra Vieira Jürgens, the project curator, gave us a difficult and exciting briefing: to create something unlike any other online magazine. Wrong Wrong's name comes form a Marcel Duchamp publication, mistyped as Rong Wrong. We took inspiration from that mistake to explore the idea of trial and error and create an “un-identity”.

For each magazine edition, the design completely changes. We design different and unexpected interactions and color schemes, and mutant, disconnected logos.

We've programmed the website so that the magazine numbers follow each-other in a single page scroll, completely changing the page look and feel. To keep the structure consistent, the layout remains untransformed. It helps the visitors gain an easier recognition and ease of use. We achieved this with our custom CMS that allows for total control of the way the articles appear on the platform.

We designed a series of business cards printed from a single, continuous, offset sheet. The sheet was later cropped into different individual cards, with unexpected results.

Because Wrong Wrong offers an open opportunity for creation, the artistic scene in Lisbon and Porto received the project with excitement. This reinforced a network of artists, critics, photographers, writers, poets, directors and curators. This good response is still felt today, also in the international community.

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