José Saramago FoundationPortuguese Literature Nobel Prize

ScopeUI/UX, Development & E-Commerce
ClientJosé Saramago Foundation

November 16, 2022 marks the centenary of José Saramago. For this celebration, Fundação José Saramago needed to rethink its online presence, creating space for the dissemination of the full programme associated with the centenary.

José Saramago in the 70s ©FJS Archive/Reserved Rights
José Saramago with Ilda Reis and her daughter Violante, 50s ©FJS Archive
©FJS Archive/Reserved Rights
Facade of Casa dos Bicos © CML | DMC | DPC | José Vicente 2018
Replica of José Saramago's secretary that is part of the exhibition "As Seeds and Fruit", on the first floor of Casa dos Bicos/José Saramago Foundation

"I'm a writer, I mean, I write, I have the infinite privilege of living of what I write. And I don't know if there's anything else to tell."

We designed the entire digital experience in the image of Saramago: a certain irreverence, without fear of connecting light to shadow.

We have developed an online store that brings the visitor closer to the book as an object, through photography.

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