Estúdios Victor CórdonCreative platform to support the independent artistic community

ScopeBranding, Graphic Design, UI/UX & Development
ClientEstúdios Victor Córdon

Estúdios Victor Córdon (EVC) is a creative platform that supports the independent artistic community, providing a space for creation and experimentation in the performing arts. As part of the National Dance Company, EVC had grown and established its own identity, but lacked a web presence that reflected its autonomy, ambition, and alternative approach.

EVC's lack of a strong web presence was limiting its ability to reach a wider audience and showcase its unique offerings, which are particularly relevant to independent artists and creatives. It was clear that a brand refresh and website redesign were necessary to support EVC's new positioning.

We partnered with EVC to develop a comprehensive brand refresh, a visual identity system and website redesign that accurately reflected the platform's unique identity and values. We created a bold and dynamic visual identity that captured the platform's creative spirit and experimental approach, while also appealing to EVC's target audience.

We used a headless CMS and React JS to design and develop a website that was responsive, mobile-friendly, and visually engaging. The new website showcased EVC's offerings and allowed users to easily navigate and interact with the platform, while exploring unique interactions and web animations.

Since the launch of the new brand identity and website, EVC has received international praise and features, including an Awwwards Honorable Mention. The brand refresh and website redesign have helped EVC establish a stronger online presence, increase visibility, and attract more independent artists and creatives.

The new website has also helped to promote EVC and increase its online traffic, with positive feedback from users on its ease of use and engaging design. Our efforts have helped EVC become a leading creative platform that supports the independent artistic community, and our digital branding agency has gained valuable exposure and recognition in the performing arts industry.

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