East Side RadioLisbon, World, Music

ScopeBranding, Design & Development
ClientIll Pitched

East Side Radio is an online radio streaming out of Lisbon’s East Side. It’s a hub that connects veteran and newcomer producers and DJs, with music enthusiasts from anywhere in the world.

From URL to IRL

We joined the project founders to create the brand for a very specific type of radio. The radio station is online only, so we looked for digital interactions and behaviours as an integral part of the brand. Also, because all sessions would be live-streamed, there is a very real and tangible aspect to East Side Radio that makes it special. We wanted the identity to be easily transformable, in the real and the digital worlds.

The infinite EAST-SIDE-RADIO triangle loop is inspired by a play button and, yes, a tortilla chip.

East Side Radio’s lineup is diverse, colliding 60s Brazilian psychedelia with underground electronic music. Its attitude is unconventional, made of contradictions and anachronisms.

Drawing inspiration from the DIY movement, we made the logo and visual assets as raw as possible. It is based on simple sans-serif typography and a black and white color scheme. It is minimal, yet maximal, with a certain urban sophistication.

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